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The secret to overall heart health might lie in this one strange vegetable

by , 28 October 2014

If you're looking to improve your overall heart health, look no further.

This is because researchers have discovered a potent nutrient in a strange vegetable that can vastly improve the overall function of your heart.

They reveal in a recently published journal article, that including this vegetable in your diet is essential whether you're fit and athletic or suffering from current heart problems.

That's right! It can benefit anyone.

Are you ready to find out what to eat with your next meal to improve your heart health?

Read on…

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Fit or not, eating this vegetables is a must for your overall heart health

A team of researchers from the Kansas State University discovered beetroot’s beneficial effect on heart health.
And they say because of its high nitrate concentration, it’s great for you whether you are young and fit or old and sickly.
Their first discovery was the way beetroot improves blood flow to muscles during exercise. And it’s not only your heart muscle that benefits. In fact, the research conducted on football players also showed an improvement in fast twitch muscle power.
The fast twitch muscles are essential to a footballer’s performance as these are the ones that allow him to take off from any position and run towards the touchdown line!
But just as beetroot’s good for athletic performance, it’s good for poor heart health too.
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Study reveals that eating beetroot can improve your heart health

The researchers said when you eat beetroot, the nitrates start breaking down in your mouth. And it’s the bacteria in your mouth that turns the nitrate into the active compound nitrite.
When you swallow nitrite, it goes through your stomach where it then becomes nitric oxide. This compound is a powerful blood vessel dilator, which is important when you suffer from heart disease. It means blood flows through your vessels more easily and there’s less pressure on your heart.
But what was most significant is how the beetroot compounds targeted the less-well oxygenated fast twitch muscle fibres in athletes. Researchers found this happens in heart disease patients too, which allowed them to get up and get moving with ease.
You see, when there’s damage to the heart, blood flow is slow and less oxygen gets to the muscles of the arms and legs. That’s why patients with chronic heart disease suffer from shortness of breath and the reason they don’t move around too much.
But eating beetroot, taking beetroot extract or drinking organic beetroot juice could change this all.
And while researchers say they want to find out more about beetroot and heart disease, there’s little reason you shouldn’t take advantage and add it to your diet, starting today!
Luckily, because it’s a natural food source, there’s little concern for the effects it can have on your health. But if you do suffer from heart disease or any other chronic illness, it’s best to speak to your doctor about taking supplements or beetroot extract. 

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The secret to overall heart health might lie in this one strange vegetable
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