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The secret's out! You CAN fight inflammation with food

by , 20 May 2014

The leading cause of disease is free radical production inside your body. This happens when you eat the wrong food - processed, refined food to be exact.

Your heart is one of the major organs affected by inflammation. It causes all sorts of heart disorders.

But while eating certain types of food cause inflammation, others protect you from it! In fact, certain foods contain nutrients so powerful they can keep inflammation at bay and protect your heart at the same time.

There is, however, a trick to this secret… It works better when you cut the bad foods from your diet and replace them with the good.

Eat these three foods instead and ward off heart disorders

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Change your diet and protect your heart with these three heart health foods 

1.      Walnuts: Here’s a heart healthy snack you can enjoy every day. Naturalnews.com explains how great walnuts are for you because of their antioxidant properties. You can eat as many as seven whole walnuts every day!
2.      Beetroot: They’re full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Both of which are great for fighting inflammation. Eat them cooked or raw, in a salad or as a vegetable, as long as you eat them. This versatile veg tastes great and ia an essential for your heart health.
3.      Hot/Holy basil: Just a little different from your regular basil, it has a little extra heat to it. But it makes a great addition to all the dishes you’d use traditional basil for. It’s better than regular basil for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve pain and swelling, says WebMD.
Instead of eating processed and refined foods, swap them out for natural varieties instead. You’ll have just as much flavour in each meal, but you’ll improve your health and prevent heart disorders too.
PS: Improve your heart health to prevent heart disease and heart attacks by 35%
Superfoods fuel your body with all the essentials you need to live a longer, healthier and disease-free life...
But as healthy as Superfoods are, it’s important you get the right amount of each Superfood you choose to eat, to make sure you’re reaping their optimum health benefits.
Find out more about these health-powering foods today.

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The secret's out! You CAN fight inflammation with food
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