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The Ornish Diet: The number one diet for heart health

by , 01 December 2014

While you know to eat less salt and eat more healthy fats to improve your health, you might not know what to eat exactly.

So you end up simply trying to eat healthy food, but because you don't have a real plan, you quickly resort back to bad habits.

That's where the Ornish Diet for heart health comes in.

Dean Ornish, a professor at the University of California, came up with the diet after studying heart health and diet for a number of years. First he wrote his book about the influence of diet and exercise on heart health, claiming you could even reverse heart disease if you followed the correct diet.

And studies prove it works!

If you're interested in finding out how the Ornish diet works to improve your heart health, read on…

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Choose the foods you want to eat and the exercise you want to do from a list in Prof Ornish’s book

The Ornish Diet involves categorising foods in groups. Group one consists of the healthiest foods you can eat while group five are the most unhealthy.
What Dr Ornish advises is that you take a close look at what food categories fill your trolley and you then decide on the ones you want to put in instead.
When it comes to exercising, he has the same mentality. You choose what exercise you want to do, as long as you do aerobic exercise, some resistance training and stretching.
Do you see where this is going?
That’s right!
You already know that you need to choose healthier foods and do exercise involving cardio, weights and stretching.
So what makes Prof Ornish’s diet different?

Giving yourself options is the best way to improve your health

If someone keeps telling you to do one thing, you’re likely to resist. Even if it’s subconsciously.
That’s why diets that tell you to eat this and do that don’t usually work.
But Prof Ornish’s one does. While it’s specific about following the rules to gain the most benefits, there’s still some wiggle room in terms of the foods you select.
Also, there are different suggestions about what to eat when you’re looking for preventative nutrition or you’re already living with heart disease.
That’s why it ranks at #1 in the list of heart healthy diets.
Here’s the proof…
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Study shows heart health success on the Ornish Diet

The study, published in The Lancet, showed patients to be able to significantly reverse heart disease is as little as a year. And after five years on the diet, the results were even better.
The 48 heart disease patients who took part all had some sort of coronary artery disease at the start. Half the patients followed the Ornish Diet while the other half ate foods they thought would likely reduce their heart disease progression.
And while their disease got worse at the one year mark and they were even worse off at the five year mark, those on the Ornish diet weren’t.
They showed drastic improvement in their heart health, which was the conclusion of the study.
But even though it’s such a fantastic diet to improve your heart health, experts still have some quells about it.
One of them is that it could be a bit expensive. You have to buy good quality foods to ensure they’re toxin free and truly organic!
But with that, there are lots of options for meals and you’re unlikely to get bored.
If you’re interested in giving it a try, don’t forget to check in with your doctor before you make any major changes to your diet. Especially if you’re currently living with heart disease!

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The Ornish Diet: The number one diet for heart health
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