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The one very fatty food that's GOOD for your heart's health…

by , 29 May 2014

This heart healthy food contains 98% fat. It's something you can eat for breakfast, lunch and supper. You can eat it on its own too, or make other dishes from it! You can even blend it into a smoothie.

Have you guessed what it is yet?

That's right! Avocado.

But don't be shocked by the fat content and the word healthy in the same sentence. It's the GOOD type of fat that avos contain and it's a great food to add to your diet to prevent heart problems.

Keep reading to discover why you should eat avos to keep your heart healthy…

Are you getting the one simple mineral that helps restore normal blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and opens clogged arteries?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but this readily available mineral really does exist. Its positive effects on the heart appear to be connected with the fact that it boosts nitric oxide in the cells that line the blood vessels.
Most people have never even heard of it! But you can, now.

Eat avos to naturally lower your cholesterol 

It seems counterintuitive to say that a fatty food can help your body get rid of bad fats that cause cholesterol. But it’s true. And it’s because of the fatty acids that it contains that makes it able to do just that.
You see, avos don’t contain your typical type of saturated fat that can cause problems.
They contain unsaturated fats. It’s omega 9 fatty acids and they’re essential for keeping heart problems at bay. These types of fats increase your good cholesterol levels, which, in turn, lower your bad cholesterol levels.
And you can include them into all your meals…

Improve your heart health to prevent heart disease and heart attacks by 35%
Superfoods fuel your body with all the essentials you need to live a longer, healthier and disease-free life...
But as healthy as Superfoods are, it’s important you get the right amount of each Superfood you choose to eat, to make sure you’re reaping their optimum health benefits.

Prevent heart problems by eating avos in many different ways 

·         Have avo on toast in the morning
·         Eat avo in your salad for lunch or have an avo sandwich
·         Make guacamole for dinner or have it fresh on your pizza or in a wrap
·         Mash avo into a smoothie
Avos go with almost any dish so use your imagination when using it in your dish. Just remember the high calorie content of avos – half an avo is usually around 160 calories – so be sure to think about that in terms of a calorie-controlled diet! 

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The one very fatty food that's GOOD for your heart's health…
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