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The one thing you need to know to increase your heart attack survival rate by 50%

by , 16 January 2014

People who have a heart attack don't simply fall down dead without any pre-warning. And it's shocking to know that when you pay attention to the warning signs, you could increase your survival rate by 50%! Don't fall victim to heart failure. Know when to listen to your body so you can seek medical attention immediately.

Denial can kill you. Especially when it’s about the state of your heart health!
What’s really scary is that around 43% of people who have the symptoms of a heart attack don’t seek treatment, says a study published in the European Heart Journal. 
Even worse a study done by the University of Michigan found that only 7.6% of people survive if they have a heart attack outside of hospital. 
Bottom line: Not paying attention to the early warning signs of a heart attack is deadly!
Listening to your body improves your rate of survival when seeking immediate treatment after suffering symptoms of a heart attack
Men and women may experience different symptoms during a heart attack. 
Men are likely to feel pressure on their chest along with some pain. Whereas women often have no pain, but rather have flu-like symptoms. 
The following symptoms can indicate you’re having a heart attack:
· Indigestion
· Nausea
· Light-headedness
· Profuse sweating
· Shortness of breath with little exertion 
· Overwhelming fatigue
· A feeling of impending doom
· Noticing a greyish tinge to your skin
If you’re feeling any of these symptoms seek medical attention right away!
Delay in medical attention when you’re experiencing symptoms of a heart attack could result in death 
If you seek medical attention within an hour of experiencing symptoms of a heart attack, your rate of survival increases by 50%.
Don’t become another statistic! Take the health of your heart seriously. Listen to the warning signs your body is giving you. Increase your chance of survival of suffering a heart attack by seeking medical treatment immediately. 

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The one thing you need to know to increase your heart attack survival rate by 50%
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