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The five most common symptoms of a heart attack

by , 21 October 2016
The five most common symptoms of a heart attack
Heartburn and sharp chest pains can be worrisome and make you think that there's something wrong with your ticker. But guess what? These aren't the only signs of heart attack…

In fact, a fairly recent study published in the journal Circulation found that only 30% of women who'd suffered heart attacks experienced chest pain. And the symptoms in women are far subtler than in men.

On that note, it's very important that you pay attention to the possible warning signs of heart attack! Read on to learn about the most common symptoms.

The five most common symptoms of a heart attack

#1: Dizziness
Feeling severely dizzy is one of the most common symptoms of a heart attack coming on. It’s a sign that your heart isn’t pumping sufficient blood to your brain to keep it functioning properly.
#2: Chronic fatigue
When your heart muscles become weak, they’re unable to pump enough oxygen for your body to function properly. The result? You feel exhausted or chronically fatigued.

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#3: Nausea
Feeling nauseous could point to the fact that your blood pressure levels have plummeted. In addition to feeling nauseous, you may also feel clammy or break out in a sweat.
#4: Pain in your lower chest, neck, upper back or abdomen
Unexplained pain in these areas is another sign that your heart isn’t able to pump blood where you need it.
#5: Shortness of breath
Finding yourself very short of breath while busy with your normal daily activities can indicate that your heart’s pumping action has weakened as a result of diminished blood flow to your heat.

So when should you start worrying that it may be a heart attack?

We all feel dizzy, run down and out of breath at times. So when should you take the symptoms seriously?
“If you have shortness of breath walking up stairs on one day, it’s probably not a problem,” says Nieca Goldberg, MD, a New York City-based cardiologist. “But if it starts out once a week, then goes to three times a week, and on, you should get checked out,” she adds.
If you experience all of the above-listed symptoms while you’re at rest, you should take it seriously as you may be on the verge of having a heart attack. In this case, you should call the ambulance or head for the nearest emergency room.

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The five most common symptoms of a heart attack
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