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The DASH diet helps naturally lower your blood pressure because of one essential mineral

by , 27 May 2014

The DASH diet is a fantastic way to naturally lower your blood pressure. This because it promotes eating less salt, increasing your fresh fruit intake and also eating more lean protein. And it goes a long way to improving your overall health and your heart health too.

But while the combination of dietary choices made while sticking to the DASH diet is good, there's one important aspect that helps you lower your blood pressure.

And that's because of the potassium you consume by increasing your daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

Everydayhealth.com refers back to a study done a few years ago where healthcare professionals were the first to try the DASH diet. Just about everyone on the diet showed an improvement in their blood pressure levels!

Here's how increasing your potassium intake can help control your blood pressure…

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Eat foods that contain potassium to naturally lower your blood pressure 

Potassium is essential for your overall health because it plays an important role in your fluid balance. In this way, it plays an important role in your blood pressure.
Your daily recommended intake of potassium is high at 2,400mg, but it’s easy to rack up if you know what to eat!
Here are the foods you should regularly add to your daily diet to make sure you’re getting enough potassium:
·         One cup of (unsweetened) orange juice gives you almost 500mg – but beware of the calories!
·         One medium sized baked potato should provide around 1,000mg.
·         One cup cooked spinach contains 850mg.
·         One cup of tomato sauce/soup is rich in potassium providing around 900mg.
Be sure to add these foods to your diet to improve your health and naturally lower your blood pressure.
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The DASH diet helps naturally lower your blood pressure because of one essential mineral
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