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The dangers of cholesterol lowering drugs means you should try these natural alternatives instead

by , 11 June 2014

While having high cholesterol is bad for your health, having low levels could be deadly too!

This because many of the processes that take place in your body, like those involved in making some hormones, need cholesterol to function.

But the dangerous, chemical medications doctors hand out to lower high cholesterol can cause your cholesterol levels to drop to dangerously low levels that mean all sorts of other problems start happening in your body.

So what is the alternative?

Going natural of course.

Here are four foods you should add to your diet so they can clean out the cholesterol your body needs to get rid of and no more…

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Eat these four foods to naturally lower your cholesterol 

1.      Oats: There’s nothing like a hot bowl of porridge to get you ready for your day! Not only will a bowl of oats warm you from the inside out, they’re full of fibre and help naturally lower your cholesterol. Your body absorbs less cholesterol because the fibre traps it.
2.      Beans: Whether you enjoy baked beans on toast or you add a tin or two to your mince, as long as you’re eating beans you’re improving your heart health. They’re also full of fibre and do a similar job to oats.
3.      Nuts: Yes, nuts are calorific snacks, but they contain the good type of fat. Increasing the good fat in your systems means your body can more efficiently take care of the bad fat. And it’s not only the whole nuts you should add to your diet. Nut butters are great too.
4.      Pears: The pear skin contains a special type of fibre in a much higher concentration than in apples. So eat a pear with the skin on to naturally lower your cholesterol.
Can you think of any good excuse to not add these delicious foods to your daily diet? Start the natural process to lower your cholesterol levels by eating more of these healthy foods today.
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The dangers of cholesterol lowering drugs means you should try these natural alternatives instead
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