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The BIG 5 cholesterol factors you really DON'T want to see…

by , 19 May 2014

In the world of heart disease, cholesterol is a big player. And many people go about their daily life with no idea what their cholesterol levels are.

That's why, today, we're revealing the BIG 5 of bad cholesterol…

Suffering from just one of these five risk factors puts you in danger of higher than normal bad cholesterol levels and increases your risk of chronic heart disease and heart attack.

Read on to discover what these factors are…

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Want to lower your cholesterol naturally? Control these five risk factors first!

#1. A bad diet: If you don’t change your diet, you won’t be able to lower your cholesterol levels. It’s time to chuck out the old and bring in the new. Cut all processed, fatty foods from your diet and add lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat and whole-grains.
#2. Obesity: It’s time to lose weight. Carrying too much extra weight restricts your body from processing good cholesterol from fatty foods and it makes it harder to lower your cholesterol levels. This means you just keep making more bad cholesterol instead of making some good. Controlling your calorie intake is the first step towards achieving weight loss and lowering your cholesterol.
#3. No exercise: This plays a role in your ability to lose weight too. It’s essential that you get at least 150 minutes of exercise every week. Even moderately strenuous activity is better than none at all!
#4. Smoking: Not only does smoking increase your risk of many diseases like insulin resistance, heart disease and diabetes, it affects your blood vessels. This means your artery walls aren’t as robust as they should be and even small amounts of cholesterol affect them.
#5. Diabetes: With diabetes, your heart is already under strain. Now add cholesterol to the mix and your health is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s time to seriously consider your health and lower your cholesterol levels.
There’s no time like now to change! Avoid the BIG 5 and take control of your health today.
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The BIG 5 cholesterol factors you really DON'T want to see…
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