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The 10 minute exercise that'll improve your heart health by as much as 12%

by , 25 October 2013

Are you overweight? Diabetic? Or have a close family member died of a heart attack? If you answered ‘yes' to any (or all) of those questions, your risk of having a heart attack during your lifetime could be higher than normal. Don't despair. There's one simple 10 minute routine you can do each day that'll lower your risk by 12%!

While heart disease is about more than just heart attacks and blocked arteries, the truth is heart attacks are the heart problem people worry most about.

And it makes sense when you consider that according to the Heart Foundation of SA, “130 heart attacks and 240 strokes occur daily in South Africa. This means that 10 people will suffer a stroke and five people will have a heart attack every hour.”

But what if you could reduce your risk significantly?

Something so easy to do, it would take only 10 minutes to do.

According to the Health Bytes’ team that something exists. And it’s an easy exercise anyone – no matter what their fitness level is – can do…

What is this miracle heart health exercise?

Forget long, sweaty runs on the treadmill and agonising rides on those uncomfortable rides on the bikes at gym.

Stretching is number one way to improve your HRV (the gaps of time between your heartbeats).

And, according to the studies, poor URV (short gaps between heat beats) is a significant predictor of heart attacks and strokes.

Stretching helps increase muscular flexibility – the ideal way to improve your HRV.

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The 10 minute exercise that'll improve your heart health by as much as 12%
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