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Teen suffers three heart attacks after drinking “Jaeger Bombs”, reports the Daily Mail

by , 04 June 2014

Earlier this year, 18-year-old Jayde arrived home at 2am after a night out with friends. The usually expensive concoction of a jaeger bomb was on special for the night: Two for one…

Consisting of a shot of Jaegermeister and half a can of energy drink, the 18-year old proceeded to drink ten in about two hours.

When she arrived home, her mother was awake and was chatting to her in the bathroom when Jayde suddenly collapsed. Her father rushed into the bathroom and checked her pulse. It was very weak and he started CPR.

Paramedics took Jayde to the local emergency room at the district hospital where her heart had stopped…

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Caffeine associated heart problems were to blame 

The teen suffered three heart attacks, but doctors managed to revive her by shocking her heart into a regular rhythm. But she wasn’t out of the woods yet.
Doctors placed Jayde in an induced coma to protect her brain from swelling after the heart problems she’d suffered. She remained in a coma for 52 days.
Luckily Jayde is now on the road to a full recovery and has a pacemaker fitted into her chest. And she’s spreading the word about how deadly the combination of alcohol, sugar and caffeine can be…

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Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine-laden drinks if you want to prevent developing heart problems 

While Jayde said she felt like the alcohol had worn off by the time she’d gotten home, the caffeine was still raging around her system. This because the body prioritises the breakdown of alcohol and the caffeine waits its turn. And because she kept drinking more, the effect of half a can of energy drink became a five-fold problem.
So warn your children about the dangers of these drinks to prevent them from developing the same heart problems. And read this before you drop that jaeger into your Red Bull…

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Teen suffers three heart attacks after drinking “Jaeger Bombs”, reports the Daily Mail
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