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Suffer from acute kidney stones? Here's what you should know

by , 12 June 2014

Do you suffer with kidney stones?

If you do, it's something you'll definitely know about.

The pain kidney stones cause is worse than childbirth without drugs according to women who've been unlucky enough to go through a painful episode.

But it's not just pain you have to worry about. Here's what else you'll feel when you have a kidney stone…

You’ll know when you have an acute kidney stone because your world will come to a standstill!

Acute kidney stones make grown men sob like babies. You get this intense pain around your lower back, abdomen and groin area that comes and goes. You feel nauseous from the pain and may have a fever. You can’t find a comfortable position so you pace up and down the room and pray that the pain will just stop!

What causes this life-halting pain?

You may not know you have kidney stones developing in your kidney until one leaves your kidney and travels towards the bladder. It’s when the stone gets stuck in the tube between the kidney and the bladder (ureter) that you suddenly find out!

So you rush off to the hospital, thinking you’re about to die…

Eliminate your pain and pee as freely as the day you were born. Here’s how to dissolve your kidney stones naturally…

Without Expensive pills, dangerous surgery and electronic gadgets!
Discover the 14 natural secrets to eliminate your kidney stones here

Here’s how your doctor could dissolve your kidney stone

Acute kidney stones are made up of calcium, struvite, uric acid and cysteine. Unfortunately, avoiding calcium won’t prevent kidney stones. 
If your doctor can see the kidney stone won’t pass on its own, he’ll try and dissolve it. The size of the stone and where it’s stuck will determine that.

In that case, your doctor will try to physically remove the stone with an endoscope under general anaesthesia. He may need to break the stone down using a laser if it’s big. He’ll then insert a stent to keep the ureter open so you can pass urine while the infection heals. After about a week, he’ll remove the stent.

If the kidney stone is too close to the kidney, your doctor may just use a stent to help you urinate with less pain. He may schedule am extracorporal shockwave lithotripsy. This is when doctors use sound waves to break the stones in the kidney up.

In some cases, your doctor may insert a tube into your kidney and break the kidney stones using laser, sound waves or crushing devices.   
That’s a lot of pain and discomfort for something that’s entirely preventable…

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Who knew dissolving and preventing kidney stones was this easy?

Eliminate the agonising pain of kidney stones in just three days… And keep them from ever coming back!
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Stones – a kidney problem you’d rather prevent

You know what they say, prevention is better than cure!
So read more about how to tell if you’ve got kidney stones developing in your kidneys right now, and how to help prevent them here.

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Suffer from acute kidney stones? Here's what you should know
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