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Study reveals: Vitamin B supplements may reduce stroke risk

by , 20 September 2013

There's another good reason to take your vitamin B supplements. A new study has found that these essential vitamins could help lower your stroke risk. Here are the details of the study.

A study published in the journal Neurology has revealed that taking vitamin B supplements may help reduce your risk of stroke, Health24 reports.

Here’s what the study found about vitamin B supplements and a lower stroke risk

According to the report, researchers analysed findings of 14 clinical trials that included a total of nearly 55 000 people and all of the trials compared vitamin B supplement use with a placebo or very low-dose vitamin B.

Researchers found that there were a total of nearly 2 500 strokes among the participants in the studies, all of which showed some benefit of taking vitamin B.

They also found that while B supplements reduced the risk of a stroke by 7%. But they didn’t appear to reduce the severity of strokes or the risk of death from stroke.

Folic acid, a supplemental form of folate (B9) that is common in fortified cereals, appeared to reduce the beneficial effect of vitamin B. Meanwhile vitamin B12 was found to have no effect on stroke risk.

Review author Xu Yuming, of Zhengzhou University in China is quoted in the Health24 report as saying: “Based on our results, the ability of vitamin B to reduce stroke risk may be influenced by a number of other factors, such as the body's absorption rate, the amount of folic acid or vitamin B12 concentration in the blood and whether a person has kidney disease or high blood pressure.”

This study is certainly good news considering that the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 15 million people suffer a stroke worldwide each year. Of these, more than 6 million die and another 5 million are permanently disabled.

If you want to take vitamin B supplements to help reduce your stroke risk, be sure to speak to your doctor first.

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Study reveals: Vitamin B supplements may reduce stroke risk
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