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Six lifestyle tips to tackle inflammation and prevent a stroke

by , 10 February 2017
Six lifestyle tips to tackle inflammation and prevent a stroke
When it comes to preventing heart disease and stroke, your lifestyle choices always matter. So what can you do? Lots!

You have the power to improve your health, heal your body and prevent stroke and heart disease. The trick is to harness that power and take one day at a time.

Check out these six lifestyle tips to prevent a stroke by tackling inflammation - the root of the problem.

Six simple ways to prevent a stroke by addressing inflammation

#1: Eat plant-based foods
The host of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other essential compounds found in plant-based foods don’t only calm inflammation, but also assist with weight loss, improve glucose control and lower blood pressure.
Try replacing most pro-inflammatory animal products in your diet with inflammation-fighting plant-based foods.
#2: Form a sleep routine
Normalising your sleep routine is critical to keeping stress levels low and inflammation at bay.

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If you suffer from a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, consult your doctor immediately to get it treated, as this condition results in less oxygen delivered to your brain while you’re asleep.
During sleep is a critical time for a number of brain functions – for example, sleeping helps retain memories and lessons from the previous day.
#3: Don’t skimp on fresh air!
 Getting outdoors and exercising regularly will help lower inflammation, reduce blood sugar levels, normalise stress levels and promote weight loss.
#4: Stop smoking and drinking
You should stop using tobacco products and alcohol. If you need help quitting these unhealthy habits, reach out for help or have a chat with your doctor.
#5: Take herbal supplements
Herbal supplements like Boswellia and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) are loaded with powerful antioxidants that help fight inflammation-causing free radicals.
Other inflammation-lowering supplements you can take include white willow bark and meadowsweet – both natural sources of salicylate acid; the active ingredient in aspirin.
#6: Go for acupuncture
Research has proven that particular head acupoints help with cerebral blood flow and, in turn, help prevent stroke.
By making these six simple lifestyle changes, you can significantly lower your risk of stroke.

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Six lifestyle tips to tackle inflammation and prevent a stroke
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