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Simple exercises that'll lower your blood pressure naturally

by , 17 February 2014

You CAN lower your blood pressure naturally! And it starts by doing a few easy exercises every day. So start doing a small amount of exercise every day to lower your blood pressure without medication.

“A sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is one of the top risk factors for heart disease. Fortunately, it's a risk factor that you can do something about,” says WebMD.
Do exercises in the form of daily chores, or choose something fun to do with your family
Even cleaning your home can help you rack up points in the daily exercise log!
Try some of these ideas to help you incorporate exercise into your daily routine:
· Household chores, such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves or scrubbing the floor
· Active sports, such as throwing a rugby ball around the garden, or kicking a soccer ball with you kids
· Climbing stairs
· Jogging
· Bicycling
· Swimming – best if you’re overweight because there’s little impact on your joints
No matter what you choose, make doing exercise essential or fun so you’re able to keep it up. 
Lowering your blood pressure is all about getting your blood pumping
To get your heart beating a little faster than normal, you’re going to have to do some physical activity. 
Try keep up with the daily-recommended amount of exercise. Do at least 30 minutes of moderate activity a day. 
You’ll soon notice that a lifestyle in which you make healthy dietary choices and you do daily exercise will help you lose weight naturally too. And because your weight has a big influence on your blood pressure, it’ll help lower it. 
Don’t go through life relying on medications to keep your heart and blood pressure healthy. Make the right decisions and keep your blood pressure low the natural way. 

The Essential Guide to Fighting High Blood Pressure
In as little as eight weeks you could see your blood pressure drop!
Just by applying a few natural solutions to your everyday life
Did you know that a simple, natural way to lower your blood pressure is to eat more celery, garlic and onions?
That drinking green tea exerts a blood pressure-lowering affect that could have you feeling better 30 minutes later.
And, adding cayenne pepper to your food – a powerful vasodilator – helps expand your blood vessels and improves your blood flow thus naturally lowering your blood pressure.
Learn about these and nine natural blood pressure-lowering solutions and feel healthier and more relaxed than you have in years.

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Simple exercises that'll lower your blood pressure naturally
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