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Say “NO” to these three things when you're trying to lower your cholesterol

by , 23 June 2014

You don't always need to start taking chronic medication if you have high cholesterol. In fact it's only a small percentage of people that do need to take statins to lower their cholesterol. If you don't have heart disease, aren't at risk of heart disease, you don't have an extremely high cholesterol level and you're not diabetic you can actually lower your cholesterol naturally.

And while it does involve getting off the couch, getting some exercise and eating more veggies, there are three things you need to banish from your life if you hope to succeed in lowering your cholesterol.

Discover the three big “NOs” if you have high cholesterol…

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Lower your cholesterol the natural way by saying “NO” to these three things

#1. Unhealthy fatty foods: Say no to doughnuts, cakes and fry-ups. Sorry! If you’re going to get your health under control and make a difference to your future, this isn’t an option.
Instead, eat healthy fats like those you get from olive oil, nuts and seeds and avos. You can still eat meat, just choose those that are leaner cuts than usual.
#2. Cigarettes: It’s time to stop. Yes now! Finish your box and let it be your last. Not only are you saving your overall health by saying no to ciggies, your blood pressure lowers within 20 minutes when you quit smoking, says Mayo Clinic.
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#3. Drinking: You can breathe a sigh of relief with this one! You can have one alcoholic drink a day. Say “NO” to the second one, always.
If your health is already failing because of your current lifestyle its clear your need a change. So use these tips and say “NO” to high cholesterol and heart problems. 

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Say “NO” to these three things when you're trying to lower your cholesterol
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