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Save your heart health! Eat more olive oil…

by , 28 October 2014

A new study performed by researchers at the University of Illinois reveals that eating olive oil does more than just protect your heart health. They say it can reverse heart disease if your heart health is already under strain.

We know that healthy fats are great for improving your heart health, but the findings of this study show just how beneficial they can be!

And it's more promising than ever expected.

Here's why…

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Study reveals immediate improvement in heart health when eating olive oil

Your heart uses fats as a source of energy to pump blood around your body. When there’s damage to the heart muscle – from things like toxins, a heart attack or chronic high blood pressure – there’s also destruction of the enzymes that convert the fat to energy.
So what happens is your heart can’t make enough energy to keep beating smoothly and the damage becomes worse, lowering the enzyme levels even further.
But because fats still float around in your blood, they deposit in the vessels without being broken down. This is when they start causing problems and block the vessels causing even more damage.
But what’s interesting about the study is that when the University of Illinois researchers gave mice with heart disease olive oil extract – oleate – their hearts immediately started performing better.
That’s right! There was an immediate positive effect on the heart muscle.
And the researchers believe it’s because oleate increases the number of fat-converting enzymes in the heart muscle. This means it’s still able to convert fat for energy and pump just as efficiently.
So you can see why it’s essential to increase your intake of olive oil if you’re worried about your heart health.
But there’s one more thing you should know…
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Eating too many animal fats destroys your heart health

When researchers gave the mice with heart failure extracts from animal fats, like those you find in meat and dairy products, their heart problems shot up.
Not only was there a rapid decline in their heart’s ability to pump, but there was an obvious build up of fatty toxins developing in their hearts.
So it’s clear what you need to do to protect your heart health: Increase your intake of olive oil and reduce animal fats in your diet. 

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Save your heart health! Eat more olive oil…
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