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Salt shocker: These “healthy” foods are overloaded with salt

by , 13 January 2014

You've opted for a healthy start this year and you're only buying food that's healthy. But did you know, some of the food you thought was healthy, is actually causing you to take in much more salt than you would normally! Have a look at these salt shocking foods:

Because of your lifestyle and regular diet, dieticians recommend that on a western diet, you should consume no more than 1.5g of salt per day! 
It doesn’t seem like very much, but the truth is too much salt is bad for your health. It causes your blood pressure to increase, and can cause heart disease
But what if the foods you’re consuming that you thought were healthy, are actually overloading your salt intake
Salt is hiding in your healthy food
· You’re getting around 1/6 of your daily salt allowance by eating some on the go cereals!
To avoid this, make sure you read the label. Go for puffed wheat or rice options, they’re usually salt-free, but check! If you can’t bear to miss out on your favourite salt laden cereal, only use half a cup and mix it with another half a cup of a sodium free type.
· Vegetable juice is a great way to get the nutrients of your nine a day; but watch out, you could get 1/3 of your salt intake in one serving. 
Again, read the labels and buy low sodium versions!
· Check how much salt is in your favourite pasta sauce. There’s 1/3 of your daily intake in a 125ml serving.
You can buy lower salt versions, so look around for them!
· Always rinse your canned vegetables before you cook them to wash of the salt preservatives!
· Don’t let the total amount of salt in the product fool you when they’re actually showing the value for one small serving. Read the entire label to see how much salt you’re getting per serving.
Become salt savvy and decrease your salt-related health risks!
Knowing more about the products you’re eating is a better way for you to control your health. Ensure you’re not overloading your system with salty foods you thought were healthy; read the labels and choose products that are good for your health. 

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Salt shocker: These “healthy” foods are overloaded with salt
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