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Rumours are circulating about President Jacob Zuma's ailing health

by , 24 June 2014

“The president is fine,” says Mr Zuma's spokesman, Mac Maharaj

This after Zuma recently took five days off from the presidency to “recover from the toll of preparing for the May 7 elections,” said Business Day Live this weekend.

In fact, as many news reports have it, it seems that Mr President suffers from heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure which may have been the reason he landed in hospital in the first place.

It's most certainly common knowledge that stress impacts on your health and makes your current symptoms worse.

And while his spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, says he won't engage in rumours about the president's health, we think it's an opportunity for you to check your own heart health and make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to keep stress at bay so you don't suffer the same fate.

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Keep your health in check and ward off stress-related heart problems

Like Zuma, you probably have a pretty stressful life. And while you’re not trying to rule a country, sometimes just getting the kids out of bed and off to school in the mornings can make you feel like you’re going to have heart failure!
So what do you do to keep your stress under control so it doesn’t lead to the development of heart problems and possible hospitalisation?

Don’t let stress be the reason you suffer from heart problems!

The first step in coping with stress is to determine what the cause is.
Whether it’s the kids in the morning, the traffic you sit in day after day or your boss putting too many demands on you, take note of the situation.
When you realise what the cause of your stress is, you can make plans to cope with it.
Wake the kids up a little earlier, leave your house earlier to beat traffic and prioritise your work according to deadlines.
Simple changes to your everyday life can make a huge impact on your health. This way you can keep stress under control and you’ll be able to ward off heart problems. 

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Rumours are circulating about President Jacob Zuma's ailing health
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