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Revealed: The truth behind what causes heart attacks!

by , 17 January 2014

Heart disease is a major problem in our society! It's no longer an “old man's” disease it once was, today it affects many young people too. Don't ignore the statistics that relate to victims of heart attacks, and most importantly, don't become a statistic! Here's what's causing your health problems leading to heart attacks.

Young people never really worried about serious health problems, until recently. 
Heart disease isn’t an elderly person’s disease any longer; it’s affecting many young people too. 
So what’s actually behind heart disease and what can you do about it?
Inflammation in relation to heart attacks
Cholesterol is no longer the biggest culprit behind heart attacks. Amazingly, it’s inflammation that’s the biggest problem!
Ok, so cholesterol isn’t completely off the hook. But inflammation causes cholesterol to do the damage it does!
So how do you prevent inflammation leading to a heart attack?
Through your diet and lifestyle of course!
Fortunately, you’re able to prevent heart disease by the way you live your life. And there are great foods that help reduce inflammation in your body.
1. Blackcurrants contain five times the amount of vitamin C of oranges. This makes them great immunity boosters and anti-inflammatory foods. 
2. Dark, leafy greens are naturally high in vitamin K. Vitamin K has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
3. Red tomatoes contain lycopene – this red pigment is a potent antioxidant
But there’s only about 5mg of lycopene per 100g of ripe tomato. So you’d have to eat about 10 organic tomatoes a day to get the necessary protection.
4. Salmon and other types of oily, cold-water fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids! Great for soothing inflammation!
Prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of having a heart disease by improving your body’s ability to fight inflammation.
Incorporate these foods into your daily diet and save your heart and your health!

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Revealed: The truth behind what causes heart attacks!
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