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Revealed: The four biggest heart killers you put in your mouth

by , 30 September 2014

Listening to a popular radio show this morning, it's clear that some people still don't have a clue how to improve their health, or worse, why it's important.

Of the show's three presenters, one is particularly interested in her health. She says she makes a concerted effort to ensure she has good eating habits and she'll give anything a try that seems to improve overall health through diet.

The other two presenters, one man and another women, don't seem the least bit interested in their diet or the effect it may have on their health.

In fact, the male DJ made a really funny point when it came to how he looked at calories. He said the only thing he knew about a calorie is the more there are in a food, the more tasty it is. He even suggested that manufacturers should call calories “delicious points” instead.

And while it's a funny way to look at it, this is how many men view their diet. They don't really see how bad eating anything they want is harming their health.

If you're one of them, read on…

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Your diet WILL end up being the reason your health takes a dive

You might think diets and watching your weight is for “chicks”. You’re a man so you can eat anything you want and not worry about it. You’ll simply spend a few hours at the gym to keep your weight under control and nobody seems to mind a man who has a little bit of a “boep” anyway.
But your diet and love of anything that contains lots of “delicious points” is slowly killing you.
This because junk food is directly affecting your heart health and, one day, your heart won’t be able to take it anymore.
The simple fact of the matter is that the combination of salt, sugar, preservatives, trans fats, flavourants and carbs are slowly chipping away at your health.
But don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you that you’re can never eat junk food again!
You simply need to know which types of junk food are the worst for your heart health so you can make the decision to eat it based on that knowledge.
Here are the four worst types of junk food for your heart health…

Cut back on eating these four junk food types to improve your heart health

#1. Pizza: The sheer combination of fat-filled cheese and processed, fatty meats is enough to send your heart health into your boots.
So instead, order a low-fat cheese option – and say “no” to extra cheese – and have a veggie pizza rather than a meaty option.
#2. Alfredo pasta: Besides the fact you eat two or three servings of pasta in one sitting, there are only three ingredients in Alfredo sauce: Cheese, cream and butter.
Add the carb-filled pasta and you have a ticking time bomb of a meal!
Instead, eat whole-grain or maize pasta to lower the number of carbs you eat. And instead of the creamy Alfredo sauce, make something that’s tomato based.
#3. Ham and cheese sub: A sub packed full of ham, cheese and mayo – probably enough to feed three people – doesn’t seem to touch sides when you sit down to eat it.
Not only is processed meat bad for your prostate, it’s filled with preservatives and carcinogens.
The amount of cheese is way above the appropriate portion size and extras like mayo and other sauce sends the calorie count of the meal soaring. And with it comes the harm it’s doing to your heart health.
Instead, stick to two pieces of whole-grain bread with chopped chicken breasts and low-oil mayo.
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#4. Burger meal: The super-sized meal is the only thing that seems to fill you up, right? Unfortunately, it’s taking its toll on your heart health.
Not only does it contain trans fats that cause heart disease, but the amount of salt, sugar and preservatives in the meal isn’t good for you at all!
If you do find yourself at the drive-thru window, order a grilled chicken burger without the fries and fizzy drink.
Eating foods just because they contain a high number of “delicious points” isn’t worth the effect it has on your heart health.
Cut back on takeaways and instead, eat more healthy foods to ensure your heart stays beating well into the distant future. 

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Revealed: The four biggest heart killers you put in your mouth
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