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Researchers in Hong Kong prove the health benefits of gardening aren't only for older adults

by , 04 June 2014

You wouldn't think it's normal to see the 20-somethings in your neighbourhood clad in their straw hats, wellies, leather gloves and gardening shears in hand, waving at their friends across the road on a Saturday morning.

Fast forward 40 years and they might, but what does the average young adult know about plants anyway?

Well, this very strange image might be something you'll see on a regular basis, or be doing yourself, in the near future.

This because recent research coming out of Hong Kong suggests young people should start gardening as a means to increase their fitness levels.

Here's why…

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Gardening  30 minutes a day is a great way to improve your fitness levels 

The American Society for Horticulture Science (ASHS) posted the study on their website. 15 students in their 20s from the University of Seoul participated in the short study, which had them performing ten different gardening tasks.
It showed that all aspects of gardening increase your amount of moderate activity, while digging in the garden was the most intense exercise of the lot.
But there’s more to gardening than just increasing your fitness levels, says ASHS.

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Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol by gardening 

The improvement to your heart health was also an obvious benefit of gardening. But even beyond that, there’s a sense of community, family time and the ability to provide fresh organic produce when you have your own garden.
So let’s hope this recent study gives many young adults the idea to discover their green fingers and, while they’re at it, improve their overall health and fitness levels too. 

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Researchers in Hong Kong prove the health benefits of gardening aren't only for older adults
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