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Reduce your heart's age by up to 7 years with this vitamin...

by , 26 January 2021
Reduce your heart's age by up to 7 years with this vitamin...
Scientists have been studying arterial stiffness closely in the past decade.

It's a risk factor for atherosclerosis - which is when plaque gets caught in arteries, narrowing the blood vessels and impeding blood flow.

This of course is a serious risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

But a recent study shows that one vitamin could reverse arterial stiffness.

Vitamin D holds great promise for heart health…

The double-blind, randomised study, run by researchers at the Augusta University in Georgia, divided a group of people into four: One group took 600IU of vitamin D per day, another group took 2,000IU, another 4,000IU, and the last group took a placebo for 16 weeks. 

The results were staggering!

The group taking the highest dosage of vitamin D reduced arterial stiffness by 10.4%, which equates to reversing their heart age by around 7 years!

That's like having a heart that's almost a decade younger than before!

In comparison, the group taking 2,000IU reduced arterial stiffness by 2%, the group taking 600IU saw no change in arterial stiffness, and the placebo group's arteries worsened by 2.3%.

The study clearly shows that vitamin D is essential for heart health.

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How vitamin D reduces arterial stiffness...

Researchers think vitamin D regulates hormone levels in the blood, as well as inflammation which causes blood vessels to thicken and harden. 

Surprisingly, many people are deficient in vitamin D.

You can get your levels tested by your doctor to establish the right levels of vitamin D to take...

But given the number of health benefits associated with this humble vitamin, it seems like a no-brainer to add to your daily regimen.

If you decide to take vitamin D, remember to take a magnesium supplement as well. The body needs magnesium to process vitamin D which can deplete your magnesium levels - an essential mineral for over 60 health functions.

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Reduce your heart's age by up to 7 years with this vitamin...
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