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Recreational drugs aren't all that bad for you - it just depends on how you use them!

by , 29 October 2014

The 60s was an era where hippies freely smoked marijuana.

And they were onto something: It can be good for you!

That's why, today, researchers are looking into ways the marijuana plant can help you with a variety of different illnesses and ailments. But here's the thing: Reaping the benefits has nothing to do with smoking it…

That's right!

Just using the seeds or extract of the plant can benefit your health.

Here's what the latest studies found…

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The marijuana plant holds the key to your heart health

A recent study, posted in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows that hemp extract – from the marijuana plant – has a range of benefits for your heart health.
Not only does it contain healthy fats, but eating the seeds increases your fibre intake and provides your body with a boost of antioxidants.
But researchers were most interested in the oil extract from hemp.
They found it has high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which you know are essential for your heart health. But it also contains sterols, which lower your cholesterol levels and aliphatic alcohols, which protect your arteries from platelet aggregations – a process where clots form and block the vessel.
Then there are the antioxidants you get from including hemp oil or seeds in your diet. One of the most powerful ones, tocopherol, also helps keep your arteries clear to prevent blood flow problems and atherosclerosis.
So overall, you can see the heart health benefits you get from hemp!
And it’s actually easy to get your hands on!
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Hemp seeds and oil are readily available to improve your heart health

Because you don’t need the “recreational drug” form of marihuana to improve your health, natural health shops can legally sell the seeds and oil.
It’s true. You can even buy dietary forms of the seeds at local pharmacies!
The question is: How do you use them?
Below, we share eight ways wellandgood.com suggests you use them…

Add hemp seeds and oil to your diet to give your heart health a boost

#1. In salads: You can add hemp oil and raw seeds to any salad.
#2. On bread: Mix the seeds or oil in with a bit of low fat mayo or butter and spread onto your bread as normal.
#3. In yoghurt: Instead of adding yoghurt to muesli, add hemp seeds to your yoghurt instead.
#4. Make hemp milk: Just as you’d make almond milk, make hemp milk.
#5. Add to mash: Crush the seeds a little and add to veggies or mix them in with your mash.
#6. Add them to oats: For extra crunch in your oats, add a couple tablespoons of hemp seeds to increase the fibre and nutrient content.
#7. Eat them like nuts: Even though they’re small, you can eat them as is for a protein-packed snack.
#8. Mix them in with pasta sauce: Like you’d add pine nuts to pasta, add hemp seeds instead!
There you have it! Give it a try to boost your heart health the natural way.

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Recreational drugs aren't all that bad for you - it just depends on how you use them!
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