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Read this BEFORE you order scrambled eggs

by , 26 June 2013

You've probably heard reports that claim eggs are high in cholesterol. But generally that cholesterol isn't likely to cause any damage to your heart or arteries. Now, a new reports reveals, it all depends on how you like to eat your eggs. And scrambled eggs are the only variety to blame. Here's why…

Poached, hard-boiled, over easy. Any way you cook them, eggs are good sources of nutrition.

Except scrambled, that is…

Revealed: Scrambled eggs can increase your risk of blocked arteries

According to Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing, when you cook scrambled eggs, you break the yolks. And because the yolks contain most of the egg’s cholesterol, scrambling them allows that cholesterol to be exposed to more air and heat than other cooking methods.

That air and heat can cause the cholesterol in the scrambled egg yolks to oxidise which increases your risk of blocked arteries!

But, this information isn’t meant to terrorise you or make you phobic at the very sight of scrambled eggs.

Basically, if you’re eating quite well and taking your daily supplements, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 the occasional scrambled egg won’t kill you.

But if you’re a ‘scrambled egg lover’, you might want to consider giving poached or sunny-side-up a try, it’s worth your health.

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Read this BEFORE you order scrambled eggs
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