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Prevent fatal falls by swopping your high blood pressure meds for these natural remedies

by , 27 February 2014

It's nothing new, studies have always questioned whether the risks and side-effects of medication outweigh the benefits. And when it comes to blood pressure meds, common side-effects include excessive tiredness and blurred vision. Now, according to a Yale University study, there's a new risk. And it's putting your life in danger!

Study reveals the hidden danger of blood pressure meds

In breaking news, a Yale University study has discovered that the risk of dying from a fall when taking tablets for your high blood pressure is 40% more than for those who control their blood pressure naturally.

The reason?

Because one of the most common side effects of long-term use of these meds is feeling dizzy, weak and unsteady, explains Dr Mary E. Tinetti, head researcher of the study. And that means you’re more likely to suffer serious injuries like hip fractures and fatal brain injuries when you fall, adds The Telegraph.

And if you ask us, that’s a good reason to try these natural remedies instead…

Why rely on dangerous meds when you can control high blood pressure naturally?

Although making lifestyle changes like getting enough exercise, cutting out salt and eating a healthy diet can really help you control your blood pressure, these herbs and spices work wonders too.

#1: Basil: A study at Xinjiang Medical University reveals that Basil extract is just as good at reducing blood pressure as medication. This because the herb affects your endothelin levels – the proteins that constrict your blood vessels.

#2: Cinnamon: The University of Toronto has confirmed that short-term use of 2g of cinnamon a day significantly reduces blood pressure for type II diabetics. And since high glucose levels damage your arteries and leads to scarring that reduces the diameter of your blood pressure, controlling your diabetes is a great way to lower your high blood pressure. And cinnamon does just that!

#3: Cardamom: A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology shows that cardamom behaves in the same way calcium channel blockers do. In doing so, it helps lower elevated blood pressure levels.

#4: Garlic: The Daily Mail reports garlic can help cut blood pressure by 10% but only if you take it in tablet form. That’s better than most prescription drugs! And the reason is simple. Dried garlic containing a guaranteed dose of the active ingredient allicin, a natural blood pressure reducer.

There you have it. Four herbs and spices you can use to control your blood pressure that won’t put your life at risk like blood pressure meds do. 



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Prevent fatal falls by swopping your high blood pressure meds for these natural remedies
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