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Pomegranates: Why this heart-healthy ‘super food’ needs to be on your shopping list

by , 23 January 2013

Move aside green tea and red wine, there’s a new super food in town. Thanks to their heart health benefits, pomegranates, also known as “seeded apples”, have joined the ranks of food you must eat to keep your heart healthy – especially if you already suffer from high blood pressure.

Studies show the heart health benefits of pomegranates include improved blood vessel function, reducing the hardening of arteries, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and better overall heart health.
Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Pomegranate juice could be the answer
Pomegranates are so beneficial for your heart, a recent study showed people who drank pomegranate juice all year round had a 21% decrease in systolic blood pressure (the amount of pressure that blood exerts on vessels while the heart is beating – the top number in a blood pressure reading) after just 12 months. 
Considering pomegranates contain three times the amount of the powerful antioxidant polyphenol than red wine or green tea, there’s even more reason to enjoy this delicious fruit!
That’s great news for sufferers of high blood pressure (a known risk factor for heart disease and stroke) who are looking for ways to decrease theirs naturally.  
For more information on how super foods like pomegranates can benefit your health as well as other natural ways to improve your heart’s health, sign up for our Health Bytes newsletter today. 

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Pomegranates: Why this heart-healthy ‘super food’ needs to be on your shopping list
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