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Play a team sport! It's the best way to keep your heart healthy after menopause

by , 22 April 2014

Your risk of heart disease after going through menopause is very high. This because oestrogen is what keeps your heart healthy when you're younger. As your oestrogen levels taper off at a low level following menopause, your heart health also dips. But there's a way you can keep it healthy…

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Sport can keep your heart health in tact once you’ve gone through menopause
The University of Copenhagen's Centre for Team Sport and Health completed a study on postmenopausal women earlier this year. They followed women playing floorball (similar to soccer) during a 12-week programme. They practiced twice a week.
The results provided hope for improving the health of postmenopausal women. They indicated that the women who participated in a team sport twice a week had a 12% lowered risk of heart disease and a 40% lower risk of stroke!
So what it is about playing sport that helps your postmenopausal body improve your health?
Despite having gone through severe hormonal changes, playing sport is fun!
Researchers indicate that even though your body has undergone such a big change in terms of your hormones, the fun you have while playing sport keeps you preoccupied and you don’t even think about how tired you are.
Most importantly, researchers say there’s hope that this type of exercise can replace postmenopausal hormonal therapy because of the huge impact it has on your health. It’s a completely natural way to balance your hormones.
Playing a team sport like indoor netball is an intense exercise. It’s both fun and healthy and it keeps your health in top form. It’s good for the health of your heart and it can help you keep your weight in check too!
Don’t let your menopausal hormonal changes leave you listless, overweight and in bad health. Take up a team sport to improve your quality of life and your health all while having a ton of fun!
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Play a team sport! It's the best way to keep your heart healthy after menopause
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