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Pear season has arrived: And it's just in time to protect your heart!

by , 30 May 2014

Fruit shelves are full of pears at the moment! But buying this delicious fruit isn't only about mixing it up taste-wise, it's also about what they can do for your health.

And it's a lot!

Experts at whfoods.org say pears possess amazing nutritional benefits. From helping you control your blood sugar to keeping your heart healthy… It's all in the strength of the antioxidants in the skins of these fruits that take care of nasty heart-harming inflammatory symptoms.

Here's why you should take advantage of pear season to ward off heart problems and other debilitating ailments…

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Add this heart healthy food to your diet 

You know you shouldn’t drink fruit juice because it’s pretty much pure sugar, right?
Well, with pears it’s different!
Researchers say that you can drink cloudy pear juice happily and it’ll do the same for your health as eating the whole fruit does.
That means you can enjoy pears by eating them or drinking the juice! Just remember one thing… It’s the skin that contains most of the fruits benefits. So be sure to keep it on no matter how you use the pear.
It’s a delicious heart healthy food you can easily add to your diet. Just take a look below fro some ideas…

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Three ways to ward off heart problems with pears 

1.      Cut your pear into pieces and add it to your morning oats with a little cinnamon and honey.
2.      Snack on pears between meals for a sweet, but healthy, treat.
3.      Boil your pear until it’s soft, cut it into pieces and add Greek yoghurt, honey and cinnamon for a delectable dessert.
It doesn’t matter how you eat them as long as you’re eating them! Take advantage of pear season to keep heart problems at bay. 

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Pear season has arrived: And it's just in time to protect your heart!
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