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Pair these three heart healthy foods with other items to reap the maximum nutritional benefit

by , 19 June 2014

Eating fish, olive oil and spinach are an essential part of your diet if you're aiming to eat heart healthy food.

Fish and olive oil contain essential fatty acids that your body needs for every process while spinach contains antioxidants and inflammatory properties that help keep free radicals in your system at bay.

Eating them on their own is great for your heart health! But you could maximise on their benefit if you pair these heart healthy foods with other food items.

Take a look…

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Eat these heart healthy foods with other items to reap the biggest benefits for your heart health 

#1. Fish:
Pair fish with curry powder to reap additional health benefits, says everydayhealth.com. Eating the two together isn’t only good for your heart, it’s a powerful cancer fighting combination.
You don’t even have to curry the fish itself. Eat fish with curried vegetable or add a curry sauce to your rice with fish on the side.
#2. Olive oil:
Olive oil is a great heart healthy food that you can use in many dishes. But add it to tomatoes and you have a double-punch for your health. The fats in olive oil pair brilliantly with the lycopene and beta-carotenes from the tomatoes. They help you control your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure too.
That’s why you should dress your salad with olive oil instead of other dressings.
#3. Spinach
Spinach is full of iron which keeps your blood healthy. But your body needs a little help to absorb iron. That’s where lemon juice comes in! Not only does it add a zing to the flavour of your spinach dish, it helps your body absorb more iron.
So be sure to use these heart healthy food-pairing tips to get the best nutrients from your food. 

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Pair these three heart healthy foods with other items to reap the maximum nutritional benefit
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