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Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony award winner Barbra Streisand fights for more funding for heart disease research

by , 17 June 2014

Barbra Streisand has a voice. And not the one you're thinking about. No, this time she's using her voice to make a big impact in the lives of people with heart problems. In particular, this multi-award winning celeb is fighting for more funding for research to find out why women‘s heart problems are different to men.

Why? Because it's something that results in women receiving a much later diagnosis in the progression of their disease. Something that means there's usually little hope for recovery in women compared to men.

This week she was at Capitol Hill with the cardiologist that runs her Women's Heart Center and she had this to say: "The time is now. We cannot let another year pass when another 400,000 of our fellow women die because these disparities aren't addressed."

Can you feel her passion for promoting awareness around heart problems? I hope you do, because you can change your own future health by making this one change in your life...

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What change?
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Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony award winner Barbra Streisand fights for more funding for heart disease research
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