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Only 25% of people don't have early signs of heart problems

by , 02 July 2014

You'd think most people would make a plan to see their doctor as soon as possible if they thought there was something wrong with their heart.

And you probably think that having a heart attack and suffering from heart problems is something that just suddenly happens without any warning whatsoever.

The truth is, your body warns you well in advance that something's wrong! And it's only 25% of people who truly don't experience any of the warnings.

But the problem is that many people don't know what the warning signs actually mean and they end up not paying attention to them. What happens later could be devastating because of it!

So make sure you listen to your body when it's trying to tell you that you might have heart problems! Here are three of the most common early warning signs of an impending heart attack…

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Don’t let heart problems creep up on you! Do something about them early on

#1 symptom of possible heart problems: There’s a strange feeling in your chest
When you’re resting and your heart starts beating rapidly, irregularly and you have strange sensations in your chest, have it checked soon!
#2 symptom of possible heart problems: You feel like you have indigestion
If you’re nauseous, sweating, think that you have indigestion and you generally feel unwell, have yourself checked by your doctor soon.
#3 symptom of possible heart problems: Feeling very tired, dizzy and you find it difficult to breathe
If you’re really tired, dizzy and generally feel unwell along with the sensation that your chest is heavy you should see your doctor as it may be a sign that you have heart problems.
These are the most common symptoms you’ll feel if you could have heart problems. Rather see your doctor and find that nothing’s wrong than wait until there is…

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Only 25% of people don't have early signs of heart problems
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