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New study reveals men's testosterone hormone levels fall after children…

by , 13 July 2014

Do you find you're a more mello type of guy now that you have your own kids?

Well, it seems there's a good reason for this from Mother Nature herself, and science has just discovered it, take a look…

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High testosterone symptoms are not good for parenthood

In the past, researchers weren’t sure whether being a father lowered testosterone levels or whether men who have low testosterone hormone levels make better fathers.

But a recent study out of Northwestern University in the US, shows that men’s testosterone levels fall steeply when his first newborn baby arrives home.


Testosterone equips men with the typical male characteristics useful for competing for a mate. 

But when baby arrives, this macho behaviour isn’t necessary anymore. And Nature provides men with an instantaneous ability to adapt to their new lifestyle.  

Lower testosterone levels help meet the emotional, psychological and physical demands of caring for a baby.

Interestingly, the more involved a father is in child care, the steeper the drop in testosterone!
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But are testosterone deficiency symptoms good for your health?

The lead researcher, C.W. Kuzawa explains the drop in testosterone hormone levels may protect men from long-term health problems.

This deduction is based on the fact that single men have worse health than married men. 

Of course, everything is relative and you should check with a doctor skilled in Natural Medicine whether your testosterone levels are balanced, especially after the age of 40. 

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New study reveals men's testosterone hormone levels fall after children…
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