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New study reveals chemotherapy might help cancer more than it helps you

by , 24 January 2013

Chemotherapy could be turning your healthy cells against you! That’s a finding by a study in the journal of Nature Medicine. The study shows that chemotherapy is behind a surprising biological development that encourages healthy cells to generate 30 times more chemotherapy-resistant proteins than normal…

Scientists may now have a clue why around 90% of cancer patients with metastatic breast, prostate, lung or colon cancers develop resistance to chemotherapy, reports Alexandra Sifferlin in an article on the Time Healthland website.
It’s all thanks to a protein in the body called WNT16B, which is produced by fibroblast cells near tumours. Normally, fibroblast cells help the wounds heal and produce collagen to maintain cells’ structure. 
But when blasted with chemotherapy, the study shows WNT16B actually spurs cancer cells to grow and invade surrounding tissue. 
That’s pretty disturbing when you consider the fact that more than half of all people diagnosed with cancer receive chemotherapy.
The solution? “Researchers are already saying the next step is to find a drug to block this effect... [That’s] another poison to add to the mix of lethal weapons to fight cancer,” says Antoinette Pombo in Health Bytes.
Fight cancer the natural way…
While harmful chemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer patients, there are dozens of safe (and amazingly simple) natural cancer fighters mainstream medicine flat out ignores. 
For example, iodine has been found effective at treading breast cancer, propolis for prostate cancer and grape seed extract has the power to target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. 

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New study reveals chemotherapy might help cancer more than it helps you
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