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New research confirms: Eat like the French to lower your risk of heart disease!

by , 03 June 2014

“It must be the Frenchs' love of red wine that gives them the title of one of the countries with the lowest rates of heart problems.”

This is what researchers believed… Until now!

Dr Petyaev from Cambridge in the UK questioned this and wondered why then, were other countries who also have a love of red wine not in the same health class. So he looked closer at their overall diet and found a very interesting fact.

The French also love their cheese! From milder Cheddar and Emmental to stronger blue cheeses like Gorgonzola and Roquefort, they can't get enough!

This is why, today, we're going to tell you why you SHOULD add cheese to your diet as a heart healthy food…

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Great news! Eat cheese to fend off heart problems

Dr Petyaev and his team of researchers found cheese plays four important roles in your heart health:
1.      Anti-inflammatory: Because of the way cheese ripens, it possesses strong anti-inflammatory compounds. These are essential for protecting you against high blood pressure and heart problems.
2.      Blood pressure regulation: A natural compound in cheese – ACE enzymes – helps to control your blood pressure. These compounds are the same as the ones you find in blood pressure medication.
3.      It contains the right kind of bacteria: Bad bacteria in your system causes your liver to make more bad cholesterol. But the good bacteria in cheese helps counterbalance this and helps lower your cholesterol.
4.      You get vitamins and minerals from it: There’s protein, calcium, vitamin A and D and vitamin B 6 and B9 in cheese. These aren’t only important for your heart health, but your overall health too.
There you have it. Now you have a great reason to eat a small amount of good quality cheese every day to keep heart problems at bay!

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New research confirms: Eat like the French to lower your risk of heart disease!
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