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New medical discovery could prevent heart problems after stent surgery

by , 09 June 2014

If you suffer from chronic heart disease, your arteries may get clogged up. This happens when a type of plaque attaches itself to the walls of your arteries reducing blood flow to the heart (ischaemia).

This can cause severe chest pain, otherwise known as angina, or even a heart attack.

To fix this problem, your doctor may recommend inserting a stent into the artery that's blocked. (This consists of a fine meshed wire that holds your artery open so that blood can flow freely to your heart again.)

Although this procedure has helped tens of thousands of heart disease patients, it does comes with possible complications.

But recently, a new study has showed that the humble vitamin C could do away with this complication.
Let's have a look…

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Researchers discover vitamin C could help reduce heart disease complications

Following a stent operation, some patients suffer late stent thrombosis (LST). This is a potentially fatal complication that happens when clots form post-surgery and block the artery up again.

Medical supply companies coat the stents with drugs that help prevent clotting. But this isn’t ideal. You see, the drugs are effective in preventing smooth muscle cells from growing on the walls of the arteries. This is critical for preventing LST. But, they also prevent helpful endothelial cells from growing. These cells keep the artery walls healthy.

Now, researchers have found that either replacing or adding vitamin C to the stent coatings could stop smooth muscle cells from growing while allowing endothelial cells to grow. And, they’ve just figured out how to coat the stent so that it releases vitamin C slowly over time.

Further research is necessary to confirm the benefits of vitamin C coated stents but if they’ve got this right, tens of thousands of heart disease patients’ lives could be saved every single year!

But there’s something else you should know…
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It doesn’t surprise me at all that a natural substance as humble as vitamin C could do a better job than drugs when it comes to preventing further heart problems.

Research also shows that meditation, standing up, a heart healthy diet and exercise  could help prevent or treat heart problems. So before you opt for dangerous surgery, consider these alternatives too.    

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New medical discovery could prevent heart problems after stent surgery
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