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Never touch anything that comes out of a can again. It's the only way to avoid sudden high blood pressure

by , 07 January 2015

You know how important it is to keep a close eye on your blood pressure.

If you don't you're at risk of suffering from a multitude of serious and chronic ailments like heart disease, stroke or heart attack!

But do you know what's actually causing your blood pressure to shoot up?

Other than high cholesterol and narrowing of your blood vessels, there's a common factor in your every day life that could be causing you to suffer from sudden high blood pressure!

That's right: Cans…

Thought plastic was bad for your health? Cans are worse!

For years experts have tried hard to warn people about the dangers of using canned goods. But the Food and Drug Administration don’t want you to know why, say the Institute for Natural Healing.
Well, now you will!
You know the dangerous compound in plastic bottles?
Yes, the same compound is in cans too!
You’ll find BPA’s in most canned vegetables, cold drinks, beer and soup.
And just like you no longer use plastic water bottles because of the cancer risk, you should stop using canned goods too.
What’s really scary, is that cans contain more BPAs than plastic water bottles.
Researchers from a Korean university gave 60 participants a drink from either two cans, two plastic bottles or one of each. Shockingly, those drinking from the two cans, had 1,600% higher BPA levels in their blood than those who drank from the plastic.
But it’s what this high level of BPAs from canned goods does to your health that you should worry about the most…
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Canned food is leaving you with sudden high blood pressure

When researchers measured the participant’s blood pressure shortly after their drink, those who drank from the cans had significantly higher blood pressure levels.
Their blood pressure had shot up on average 5mmHg. And while that doesn’t sound serious, think about how little your blood pressure needs to change for you to be in danger.
If your blood pressure is normally 135mmHg and it goes up 5mmHg to 140mmHg, your risk of heart attack and stroke increase because you now officially have high blood pressure.
And sudden high blood pressure is worse for your health than it increasing over a long time.
This because your body suddenly needs to adjust to the changes in pressure, which means all sorts of things go wrong. And it’s your risk of stroke that’s the worst of it!
The researchers say it’s also an accumulative risk if you constantly use cans.
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Your sudden high blood pressure can cause devastation to your health

If you always use canned goods, your blood pressure can keep climbing.
And when it increases by what seems to be a mere 20mmHg, your risk of stroke doubles!
Luckily, there are simple solutions for changing these risks.
Most of your favourite foods including soups, beer and vegetables come in different packaging. So always look for those in glass bottle, or fresh fruit and vegetables to lower your health risks associated with sudden high blood pressure from BPAs.
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Never touch anything that comes out of a can again. It's the only way to avoid sudden high blood pressure
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