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Nature's essential guide to stroke recovery

by , 01 November 2013

Fact: How quickly you recover in the first few weeks after a stroke can give doctors an indication of how much damage occurred. And that's good news for former Wallabies rugby coach and current coach of Japan, Eddie Jones. Reports say he's is out of intensive care and recuperating in the general ward after having a stroke two weeks ago. Since 30% of stroke victims have from another one within two years of their first episode, stroke recovery practices are essential. And, when it comes to recovery, Mother Nature has three aces up her sleeve…

Eddie Jones is a lucky man.

Not only was he able to speak normally after his stroke on the 15th of October, but since then, his biggest issue has been a mild movement impairment on his left side, reports Sport24.

Not everyone is so lucky. In fact, over 33% of stroke survivors experience some difficulty with speaking or understanding what others say after a stroke, reports stroke.org.uk. Others can’t move or eat normally for months – sometimes never regaining full control.

But Mother Nature can help…

Nature’s three secrets to stroke recovery

“Eating well after a stroke is key to recovery,” says the Cleveland Clinic.

That’s because “choosing healthy foods can help control blood pressure, body weight, reduce a person’s risk of having another stroke and may help with the demands of stroke therapy and other daily activities.”

But that’s not all food does for stroke recovery – it also provides you with essential healing vitamins and minerals like:

  1. Vitamin B6, which “assists in the synthesis of four key neurotransmitters: Epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid,” explains an article on yahoo.com. This helps increase your mental energy, clarity and function.
  2. Vitamin B12, which plays a key role in helping your body absorb fatty acids and maintain the health of your brain and nerve tissue.
  3. Fish oils. These benefit stroke victims in two ways, says yahoo.com. They improve mental health and nervous system function and help prevent coronary artery disease following a stroke.

While the length of stroke recovery differs for every patient, you make the most progress in the first three months. Eat right and ensure your body is getting the most of these three essentials and you’ll be able to assist your body’s healing process.

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Nature's essential guide to stroke recovery
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