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“Natural” doesn't mean risk-free - especially when you're treating heart disease

by , 13 May 2015

Although vitamins and minerals will probably produce fewer side effects and consequences than do prescription drugs, there are still a few things to remember about them.

And this is even more true when you're taking them to treat (or even prevent) heart disease.

And that's why today we're sharing five dos and don'ts when embarking on a heart disease vitamin regime


Vitamins and heart disease: What you need to know…

#1: If you’re taking any prescription drugs, especially for your heart, do some research on whether the supplement can cause any side effects. Some vitamins and herbs can enhance or halt the effect of prescription medications, and this is obviously something you want to avoid. 
For example, did you know that even the foods you eat can seriously harm you if you’re on heart meds? It’s true! And grapefruit is one of those foods you should avoid. (Read this article to find out more.)
#2: Don’t go overboard when you’re taking supplements. It’s easy to forget that even these natural products can be harmful when you take too much. 
Always speak to your doctor or an integrative medical professional about “safe” and recommended dosages before diving into larger-than-recommended dosages. 
#3: Be aware that some vitamins don’t have official dosage limits because researchers haven’t found that they cause harm. This doesn’t mean they couldn’t, so stay cautious about your intake of them.
#4: When buying vitamins, you may have a choice of natural or synthetic versions (organic or inorganic).
Experts recommend natural sources because they may be more potent and easier for your body to use.
#5: Some vitamins and minerals work better when taken together – like magnesium and calcium for example. So make sure you do your research on what’s best to take together. 
For a full list of vitamin guidelines for heart disease and what you can take to naturally fight heart disease, get a copy of How to Fight Heart Disease and Win here. 

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“Natural” doesn't mean risk-free - especially when you're treating heart disease
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