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Men: To keep heart problems at bay don't supersize

by , 26 June 2014

When you pop into a fast food restaurant does your order always begin with: “Please may I have a large…”

If so, it might lead to down the path of heart problems.

While you don't think a regular or even small burger might be enough for you, or you wouldn't be caught eating the “chicks” meal, it might save your health and your life.

This because the nutrient content in these meals is enough for two or three meals! And it's not the healthy types of nutrients were talking about.

Take a look at what this is doing to your heart…

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Choose the right portions to keep heart problems at bay

A small burger and fries may not be enough to damage your health. But don’t read this statement on its own as there are many other factors you need to consider.
Things like:
1)    How much fat you’re still going to eat during the course of the day.
2)    How much salt you’ve had and how much you’re still planning to eat.
These are important factors to consider as they’ll ultimately be the deciding factors as to whether the fast food will affect you negatively or not.
(I.e. if you’ll use the energy right away or if you’ll store it as fat. And whether you’re eating too much salt or not!) Something that’s essential to keep in mind if you’re trying to prevent heart problems.
So be sure to use these four tips to make the right meal choice when you’re eating fast-food.
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Eat fast food with these tips in mind so you don’t land up with heart problems
1)    Order the regular or small meal option to save on calories and salt content.
2)    Order water on the side instead of a fizzy drink.
3)    Order your meal without the condiments.
4)    Choose a healthier grilled chicken burger option instead of the beef one.
There you have it. You can still enjoy the occasional fast food meal without it causing you to develop heart problems. Just be wise about what you order!

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Men: To keep heart problems at bay don't supersize
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