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Men: If you're on the Tim Noakes' diet, you'd better watch your heart health!

by , 29 October 2014

Despite all the negative reviews, people are still following Tim Noakes' Banting diet.

The diet, which promotes high fat, high protein and a low to zero-carb way of eating has been getting flack from lots of experts in the nutrition and health field for being a potential health hazard. Not only are experts still adamant a high fat diet causes heart disease, they say it's not a sustainable diet that has long-term health benefits.

And it seems even studies that aren't involved with Tim Noakes and South Africa's latest eating fad are saying how bad eating a diet high in fat is. Especially if you're a man.

Here's what the study reveals…

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Men face huge heart health risks when following a high fat diet, warns recent study

Scientists Deborah Clegg and her colleagues studied the effects a high fat diet has on male and female mice at the University of Texas. And the results, posted in the journal Cell Reports, shows how much worse it was for the male mice than it was for the female ones.
They already knew from previous studies that the male brain and heart is more susceptible to inflammation as a result of a high fat diet, but they didn’t know how it affects women.
But they soon found out!
It seems women have a natural protective mechanism in oestrogen that spares their heart and brain some of the inflammation. And that could be the reason women suffer less heart disease, heart attacks and memory loss before they go through menopause, after which it all changes because of the sudden oestrogen drop.
But because men naturally have very low levels of oestrogen, their hearts and brains suffer significant damage when following a long-term high fat diet.
But the question is: Why does eating fat – especially animal fat – cause so much inflammation?
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Animal fats contain more omega 6s – which are pro-inflammatory and affect your heart health

There are two types of omega fatty acids you know about: Omega 3s and 6s.
While one isn’t better for your health than the other – you need both for essential processes in your system to run smoothly – when they’re out of balance, the problems start.
You see, omega 3s usually follow an anti-inflammatory pathway. But omega 6s are highly inflammatory and they play an essential role in your immune system.
When you eat too many animal fats and not enough plant and fish ones, your body is more prone to inflammatory conditions and it can’t turn the switch off.
This means your heart suffers and your heart disease risk shoots up.
And while we’re not saying you should give up eating meat completely, it’s the balance you need to strive to achieve between omega 3s and 6s.
That’s why nutrition experts say you should eat omega 3-rich fatty fish three times a week and red meat only twice a week!
The bottom line is you need to be think about your heart health and not simply rely on what someone tells you!
So don’t follow the Banting diet as it might rob you of your heart health!

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Men: If you're on the Tim Noakes' diet, you'd better watch your heart health!
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