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Married? You're not as immune to heart disease as we previously thought…

by , 06 March 2013

Health experts have long spoken of the health benefits of marriage. Key among these is lower risk of heart disease. Now, new research proves the health benefits of marriage may not extend to everyone, so you'll still need to supplement your diet to boost your heart health. Here's how to do it…

Want to cut your risk of heart disease? Get married, says WebMD.
Well, not so fast.
While before this was said to be the easiest way to stick to a healthy diet and protect your heart from heart disease, a new study has found that marriage may not always be as beneficial to heart health as experts have led us to believe.
In fact, married people tend to overestimate how healthy they are compared to others and less likely or even worry about minor health issues, says Health24.
But minor pains like chest pain shouldn’t be brushed off.
And FSP Health says symptoms like dizziness, sweating and nausea or a dull ache in the jaw, left arm and back could all be signs of a heart attack
That’s not all.
If you’re already in poor health, marriage doesn’t seem to provide any extra benefits.
So you’ll still need to take care of your heart if you’re married – if not more so than when you were single.
A great way to do this is to eat a Mediterranean diet.
Research shows that a Mediterranean diet is also the secret behind preventing heart disease and will get you to live longer!
In fact, 30% of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease can be prevented in people at high risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet, reports the New York Times.
So switch to a diet that’s full of fresh, seasonal whole foods rich in olive oil, nuts and even wine. 
The easiest way to ward off heart disease: get a good night’s sleep
Remember that getting a good night’s sleep could save your marriage, says FSP Health.
Because sleepless nights can cause heart disease
So speak up if you have any minor health worries and make sure you get enough sleep – you’ll be less likely to suffer from heart disease with the added bonus of keeping your marriage healthy!

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Married? You're not as immune to heart disease as we previously thought…
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