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Manage stress and you slash your risk of heart attack in half!

by , 29 April 2015

A study by Monash University has released an urgent health warning…

“If you're feeling seriously stressed, you're at double the risk of having a heart attack!”

Researchers urge anyone who's under extreme stress to take this warning seriously.

If you've been feeling especially stressed or pressured recently, I urge you to read on.

Study reveals why stress puts you at double the risk of heart attack

The findings from the study suggest that ongoing stress is directly linked to three serious health risks: High blood pressure, high cholesterol and, the most serious, heart attack.
The study examined 7,000 public servants in Britain. They were a combination of males and females and the average age was 49.5 years old. Researchers followed the servants for 18 years.
The study found that those who “felt stress or pressure had affected their health extremely or a lot”, had double the risk of having a heart attack. In contrast, those who felt they’d lived stress-free lives were at no additional risk.
The reason?
Researchers explain that stress causes heart attacks in three ways:
1. By raising your heart rate and blood pressure
2. By stimulating your nerves that destabilise heart rhythms
3. By increasing your likelihood of blood clotting
Over time, these processes damage blood vessels. They can also cause other changes that increase heart attack risk.
Stress can also increase health-damaging behaviours. This includes smoking, drinking and physical inactivity. All three of these factors add to heart attack risk.
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Decrease your heart attack risk by lowering stress

The “take home” message from the findings is straightforward. To decrease your risk of heart attack, you must decrease stress levels!
Researchers say that the first step is to identify stressors. They may include job pressures, relationship problems or financial difficulties.
Next, seek solutions. There are plenty of ways to cope with stress. Try relaxation techniques and physical activities. For severe cases, chat to your doctor about going on a medication.
If you’re struggling to manage stress, consult your doctor. Don’t leave it too late. Stress can be seriously detrimental to your health. Protect your heart and health in general by decreasing stress for good! 

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Manage stress and you slash your risk of heart attack in half!
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