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Make sure you check out your Tweets! They could give you a heads up on how your heart health is doing…

by , 27 January 2015

Social media has become your voice.

If you like something, you can tell the world with a click of a button. But if you don't like something, you no longer have to go through the long trail of paperwork involved in the complaints procedure at a company.

No, now you simply Tweet, post, Instagram and have your say on every other platform available to you to voice your dissatisfaction.

But it's what you say and how you say it that can have the greatest impact. Not on what you're trying to say, but what's happening to your health behind the scenes.

Take a look…

What you say on social media is a great indication of your heart health

A recent study performed by the University of Pennsylvania looked a little deeper into what people say on social media.
In particular, they looked at Twitter.
This because it’s a platform where you can have your say and tell millions about it whether it’s good or bad. And your Tweets say a lot about your current psychological state. Which also gives an indication of your stress levels and so, your heart health.
Lead researcher Johannes Eichstaedt says it’s a breakthrough to have insight into people’s psyche with them voluntarily and honestly giving up their deepest thoughts and emotions.
And when they went into Tweets from 1,300 countries, they had enough data to come to a conclusion.
When you use explosive and angry words, your risk of dying from heart disease is higher than if you Tweet calming and positive words.
But it’s not a black and white connection, warn researchers. They linked the number of various types of Tweets to the areas typical heart disease statistics.
And this is what provided them with a simply indication of stress, emotions and behaviour and what the link to disease was.
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Your emotional wellbeing plays a role in your overall health

Your written language is a true reflection of your emotional state.
If your emotional state is out of whack because of, for example, increased stress, there’s a chance your behaviour will replicate that.
So, what researchers are trying to say, is that it can be very helpful to look into what you’re writing on Twitter to determine if negative behaviour, like drinking and eating unhealthy food because of stress, are leading you towards heart disease.
And it’s easier to intervene and change people’s language than it may be to change public perception on stress, bad eating habits, smoking and drinking alcohol!
Now think about your own Tweets. Do you often rant and use harsh words on social media?
Well, it’s time to change, because it could mean there’s something more sinister brewing with your health, which could lead to devastating consequences like heart disease or failure.
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Make sure you check out your Tweets! They could give you a heads up on how your heart health is doing…
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