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Lower your cholesterol in just three months with these six foods

by , 15 May 2014

Your body needs cholesterol to function, but it needs the good kind! Unfortunately, the foods you eat makes the bad kind rise above normal levels in your blood and this is a problem.

Having high bad cholesterol levels, or LDL levels, puts you at high risk of heart disease and clogged arteries because your body can't actually use it for anything. And it can't store it either. This means you body dumps it in your arteries and it causes blockages that result in all sorts of health problems.

But experts say by adding these six foods to your diet, you can naturally lower your cholesterol levels within three months…

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Lower your cholesterol by 20% just by adding six foods to your diet 

#1. Smart foods: DailyMail.co.uk call foods that contain sterols and stanols “smart foods”. Manufacturers extract these from plants and enrich drinks with them. Benecol is one such drink. It natural helps your body lower your bad cholesterol levels.
#2. Fibre: Eat more unrefined fibre products to lower your cholesterol. Always choose wheat products that contain more fibre.
#3. Nuts: Snack on pecans, walnuts and almond to being your bad cholesterol levels in your blood down.

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#4. Soya: Increasing your soya intake may mean you eat less dairy and meat products that cause elevated cholesterol. It may also help your liver process cholesterol better, say experts.
#5. Healthy oils: Avos, olive oil and nut oils are healthy fats to add to your diet. These increase the resistance of your artery walls to damage and in doing so prevent the effects cholesterol has on them.
#6. Oats: Their thick consistency from their beta glucans means they bind easily to cholesterol in the gut lowering it’s absorption into the blood.
There you have it! Add these six foods to your diet to help your body get rid of bad cholesterol. 

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Lower your cholesterol in just three months with these six foods
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