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Lower your cholesterol - eat popcorn and Greek yoghurt

by , 16 May 2014

Living with high cholesterol can cause all sorts of health problems. But one of the most serious is how high cholesterol affects your heart.

If you don't control your cholesterol, you place your heart under more pressure than it can handle. And after time, this can lead to chronic heart problems or heart attack.

As soon as you have any inkling that you have high cholesterol, change your focus to your diet. Simply change a small part of your diet to foods that naturally lower your cholesterol and, in doing so, you'll protect your heart too.

Here are two easy food swaps to try to lower your cholesterol intake.

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Cut fatty foods from your diet and it’ll be easier to lower your cholesterol 

Eating too many fatty foods leaves your cholesterol levels soaring. So you have to cut them out of your diet.
But this doesn’t mean you have to eat bland food. In fact, there’s no reason to skimp on flavour at all when you stop eating health foods! You simply need to choose alternative low fat foods; but ones that are just as tasty!
So how do you know what types of foods are better for your cholesterol?

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Start by eating more popcorn and Greek yoghurt to lower your cholesterol 

Instead of eating a bag of chips, have air-popped popcorn instead. You’ll save yourself 80% of the fat content, says health.com. Plus you’ll increase your daily fibre intake. Something that’s great not just for cholesterol but for your digestive health too!
Then there’s Greek yoghurt. Instead of using sour cream, mayonnaise or butter in your dishes, use Greek yoghurt instead.
For more healthy cholesterol lowering food swaps, check out this article on fsphealth.co.za.

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Lower your cholesterol - eat popcorn and Greek yoghurt
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