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Lower your blood pressure with cranberry juice

by , 28 May 2014

In a recent study, preliminary results showed cranberries could help lower blood pressure and help reduce the risk for heart attack. If more studies confirm these results, this could be a delicious way to balance your blood pressure. Let's take a look…

This study showed an extraordinary benefit for patients with elevated blood pressure

In this study, 56 participants either drank just over 235ml of low-calorie cranberry juice twice a day, or a placebo drink. Their diet was controlled to rule out changes in weight and food choices.

At the end of eight weeks, those drinking the cranberry juice lowered their blood pressure. Their systolic and diastolic blood pressure dropped by 3mm Hg, while those who drank the placebo didn’t experience any decrease in their blood pressure.

This is great news! Especially since the decrease in blood pressure was for both systolic and diastolic measurements. Most people are able to control their systolic pressure through lifestyle changes, but they really have trouble budging the diastolic pressure. 

Why not try this delicious drink to help lower your blood pressure?

In as little as eight weeks you could see your blood pressure drop!

Just by applying a few natural solutions to your everyday life
Did you know that a simple, natural way to lower your blood pressure is to eat more celery, garlic and onions?
That drinking green tea exerts a blood pressure-lowering affect that could have you feeling better 30 minutes later.
And, adding cayenne pepper to your food – a powerful vasodilator – helps expand your blood vessels and improves your blood flow thus naturally lowering your blood pressure.
Learn about these and nine natural blood pressure-lowering solutions and feel healthier and more relaxed than you have in years…

Reduce your risks of high blood pressure naturally

Why keep struggling? Try drinking about 235ml of low-calorie, or unsweetened, cranberry juice and see if it help lower your blood pressure. You have nothing to lose.

Cranberry juice also helps keep yeast and urinary infections at bay, reduces dental plaque, helps prevent kidney stones and it’s a great antioxidant too!

But remember to only drink unsweetened cranberry juice. Otherwise, you could be cancelling out a lot of the good of these delicious ruby berries.

If you’re hard-pressed to find unsweetened cranberry juice in supermarkets, contact your local health shop. You’re more likely to find it on their shelves.

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Lower your blood pressure with cranberry juice
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