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Lower your blood pressure naturally with this flower remedy…

by , 13 November 2013

If you're having a tough time controlling your high blood pressure, this little secret is going to brighten up your day - and lower your blood pressure naturally!

Millions of people suffer with high blood pressure. And many are taking potentially dangerous diuretics, beta blockers and ACE inhibitors to manage this potentially lethal condition… All with nasty side effects!

If this describes you, it's time you learned about a breakthrough study done in Taiwan. It could finally have you ditching those risky drugs forever. Yes; you may be able to lower your blood pressure without the horrible side effects of pharmaceutically and synthetically formulated blood pressure drugs!

The flower extract that lowers your blood pressure naturally…

An animal study recently published in Phytotherapy Research has shown rhodiola rosea, an arctic flower, effective in fighting everything from depression to fatigue… And, it could send your blood pressure sinking too! 

In this study, researchers fed hypertensive rats a diet of rhodiola extract. They then compared these rats’ blood pressure to a group of rodents who didn’t receive any treatment hypertension at all. The higher the rhodiola dosage, the lower the blood pressure got. 

The wonder-works of Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola helps the body make more of the natural endorphins it needs to regulate blood pressure. These are the very same hormones your body releases during exercise to keep your blood pressure in control, and lower your blood pressure naturally.

If you’re tired of worrying about the side effects of your blood pressure pills… Or, worse, if you can’t bear the thought of spending another day nauseous or feeling like your bladder is about to burst all day… Speak to your doctor about trying rhodiola rosea to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Rhodiola-Water Extract Induces ß-endorphin Secretion to Lower Blood Pressure in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats: (onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

This enzyme is so powerful it sends patients with congestive heart failure into remission...

This enzyme is one of the top 10 remedies sold in Japan. It's also widely used in part of Europe. And no wonder! It has been used as a treatment for the early stages of congestive heart failure when used in high enough dosages. It actually improves the function of the healthy part of the heart and it also slows the damaging effects of high LDL cholesterol. And although some health-care providers are finally acknowledging its benefits, many people still haven't even heard of it.
Why is it not more generally used in this country if it's so effective?
The answer is simple.
It's not going to make anyone a lot of money. Not doctors. Not pharmaceutical companies. Not the media. Nobody! And let's face it. Pharmaceutical giants don't want their customers to reverse heart damage with an easily obtainable, affordable alternative to their expensive prescriptions. Why would they? It's bad business! 
But you can find out all about this vitamin-like nutrient and what type of food to eat along with it to make it work best for you. Find out more here…

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Lower your blood pressure naturally with this flower remedy…
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