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Low blood pressure is just as bad for your health as high blood pressure

by , 27 February 2014

While suffering from low blood pressure might not be as life-threatening as high blood pressure, it could affect your day to day life and your overall health too. While keeping your blood pressure at a lower level is healthy, when you suffer from low blood pressure, it could affect your day-to-day life. Here are the symptoms you'd expect to feel as a result of low blood pressure...

Learn to recognise these symptoms so you can identify them as signs of your low blood pressure 
If you feel dizzy, tired or nauseous and unable to work out what's happening with your health, it might be because of low blood pressure. Here are the symptoms you can associate with having low blood pressure: 
· Dizziness or light-headedness
· Fainting 
· Lack of concentration
· Blurred vision
· Nausea
· Cold, clammy, pale skin
· Rapid, shallow breathing
· Thirst
If you suffer from low blood pressure, there are changes in your lifestyle you can make to control your symptoms. These changes can be anything from a change in diet, doing exercise more frequently and taking additional supplements to keep your blood production healthy.
Eat foods like meat, tuna, yoghurt, milk and beef liver to keep your blood cells healthy. You can also take vitamin B12 and folate supplements for the same effect. 
Low blood pressure may not feel serious, but you could have an underlying illness that needs treatment 
If you regularly feel any of the above symptoms, take note of when you get them. You'll want to bring this up with your doctor! He can check if it’s a health concern causing your low blood pressure. 
Having low blood pressure doesn't always mean there's something wrong with your health. But it’s a good ideas to seek treatment when your symptoms affect your every day life. 

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Low blood pressure is just as bad for your health as high blood pressure
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