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Love the beer but hate the belly? Here's a compromise…

by , 25 June 2014

Ask any red-blooded man to give up his beer and he'll kick up a huge stink about it. But that doesn't mean you're happy with the ever growing belly that seems to have a life of its own.

But if you, like every other man who loves a good pint, would rather suffer in silence than give up your favourite brew it's going to be hard to convince you otherwise.

Sadly it's not all about the tummy and what it's doing to your general constitution. It's about what it's doing to your health!

The more weight you carry around your stomach, the higher your risk for heart problems, so you really can't afford to simply suffer in silence.

What if there was a compromise? One that allowed you to continue drinking beer with the possibility of getting rid of the tummy and lowering your risk of heart problems?

Let's try to convince you…

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You don’t have to ditch the beer completely if you’re trying to get rid of the tummy and risk of heart problems

If you’re not a lite beer type of guy, it’s time you became one. Your life is at stake if you don’t.
And while you might fear the chirps from your friends that you should drink a real beer, if they’re really your friends, they’ll understand when you tell them you’re trying to change your health and literally save your own life.
Who knows, it might be what your group of friends need to change their own health and follow suit.
But there’s one more thing that comes along with the compromise: You need to watch your overall calorie intake on the days you plan on drinking beer.
You simply can’t afford to eat fatty, processed snacks, fatty meat and all sorts of other unhealthy items when you drink beer, even if it’s the lite kind.
Have a couple beers but stick to a healthy diet to keep your calorie intake down.
This way you’ll be more likely to lose the belly fat and lower your risk of heart problems without completely giving up something you love.

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Love the beer but hate the belly? Here's a compromise…
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